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Simple Applicant Tracker Template

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Are you still using a spreadsheet instead of an applicant tracking template for managing the recruitment process? It is time to switch! Using spreadsheets for applicant tracking involves redundant data, manual data handling, more chances of errors, and a lot of chaos. An applicant tracker, on the other hand, can make things smoother for your whole team. 

Stackby’s applicant tracking template provides you with a database for managing applicant data. You can connect this template with an applicant tracking form built in Stackby and automatically collect and organize data right into your tables. 

What is Applicant Tracking?

Companies today consider multiple candidates for a position. So, they need a system to manage and track the data of these candidates. Moreover, if you are hiring for different positions, you will have to keep a track of every candidate who is applying for every open position. 

The applicant tracking system helps you manage the applicant data in a streamlined manner, such as their resumes, interview details, rankings, personal details, and so on. This not only organizes the hiring process but also makes the process much easier, simpler, and faster. 

Overview of Stackby’s Applicant Tracker Template

To help HRs manage the applicant tracking, we have created an applicant tracking log template that stores and manages all the data about the applicants. 

Manage your applicants using three different tables:

1. Applicants: This table stores all the details of the candidates who have applied for a job in your organization such as

  • their name
  • the job role they are applying for
  • their interviewer
  • resume
  • interview date
  • status of hiring process
  • interview score
  • interview notes 
  • phone

2. Interviewer: The interviewer table includes the details of the interviewers for various job postings. You can check how many candidates are being interviewed by each interviewer, on which date they conducted the interviews, and what is the status of the interviews. 

3. Open Profiles: This table stores all the details about the open job profiles in your organization such as the name of the job profile, its description, experience required for that job profile, interviewer for that job profile, number of applicants who have applied for that job profile, and so on. 

Collect applicant data automatically using Applicant Tracking Form

Our Applicant Tracking Template includes an Applicant Tracking Form that you can send to the candidates to gather their basic information that is to be filled in the Applicants table. Once a candidate will submit the form, it will create a row in the Applicants table automatically and add all the data in the respective columns. This way, you do not need to add data manually in the applicant tracking log template. Thereby, reducing the chances of human errors. 

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Filter applicants by Status/ Scores

Our Applicant Tracking System Template also includes a Kanban View of candidates based on their Status (hired, rejected, 1st round passed, kept on back-burner, etc). This can help HRs to visualize how many candidates are rejected/accepted, etc. 

It also includes a Kanban View where you can filter out candidates based on the scores that their interviewees gave to them. This can help in deciding which candidates are to be selected and which are to be rejected. 

Stay on top of your recruitment schedule with Interview Calendar

Our Applicant Tracking Template includes an Interview Calendar that will provide you with an overview of interviews lined up for the week/month/day. 

Who Can Use an Applicant Tracker Template?

Applicant tracking template can be used by the Human Resources department, HR Managers, Staffing Coordinators, Staffing Specialists, HR Assistants, HR Administrators, Entrepreneurs, Small business owners, etc. 

Why Do We Need Applicant Tracking System Templates?

In today’s fast-moving world, companies use an applicant tracking system to identify, evaluate and hire the best employees for themselves. Those who still hold back have some other way failed to achieve their desired results. 

An effective recruitment process is said to be when the company can engage with the top talent and hire the best. Digitizing and managing the information of all the candidates in a specific platform in the initial stages of the screening is one of the many things that an applicant tracker system does in no time.

Here are some of the advantages of keeping applicant tracker template

1. Reduces time to hire: The job application tracker spreadsheet will increase the speed of your selection process as it reduces the time you would have to spend on administrative tasks. Manually managing the listing and bookkeeping takes an ample amount of time.

2. Improves hiring quality: The quality of hiring becomes better using the applicant tracker template. For instance, the automated matching of the specific skills and requirements would only allow the best candidates to compete.

3. Speed up the recruitment cycle: Having all the information and credentials in front of the recruiter will make his work easier tenfold. Since the information is properly organized in one space, excel spreadsheet templates for tracking make the recruitment process faster.

4. Provides better screening: It can become a tiring task for the recruiter if he or she does everything manually. It can be quite overwhelming. This can be solved easily as the job application tracker spreadsheet does the automated screening of applications by using various algorithms.

How to Customize Stackby’s Applicant Tracking Template for Your Business?

Once you copy this template to your Stackby Workspace, you can:

  • Add/ update the tables given in the applicant tracking log template. For instance, you can add more columns to the Applicants table related to the details of the applicants that you want to track. 
  • Modify the Applicant Tracking Form and share it with the applicants. 
  • Enter the details of the interviewers and create an interview schedule. 
  • Add the details of the open profiles in your organization. 
  • Find your new, perfect employee with Stackby’s Applicant Tracker Template

Hiring candidates and growing your company/ business can be an exciting job. Do not make it cumbersome by depending on spreadsheets. Use our applicant tracking system template and find the best employee who suits your organization’s ethics and work culture. 

Check this step-by-step video on how to build an applicant tracking system for your company. 

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