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Construction Project Management Templates

Construction Project Management

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or doing some renovations on the existing one, there are usually a lot of things going on at the same time. You might be a construction company or a construction manager with many projects under your supervision. 

Tracking and managing multiple construction projects and maintenance projects at once may become a difficult task. That’s where Stackby’s Construction Project Management Template can be of help. 

A Construction Project Management Template will save you from the tiring efforts of managing and tracking all your projects separately.

Why do we need a Construction Project management Template?

Construction project management is a process in which specialized project management techniques are used to oversee the construction phases from beginning to end.

There are 5 phases of construction:

  1. Initiation: When the idea is generated, and plans are made to do construction or renovation.
  2. Planning: Now, the plan is made, and the teams are informed. All the resources which are required are laid out, and the budget is prepared.
  3. Implementation: Now, the plan is executed, and the said budget is followed.
  4. Performance monitoring: After successfully implementing the project, the performance is analyzed and monitored for future use.
  5. Closing: If the project meets the set standards, then it is approved, or else changes are made if possible.

There can be several construction or renovation projects going on internally or externally in an organization. Some may be in the initiation phase or the completion phase. To keep track of them can prove to be a bit overwhelming.

A construction project planning template can save you from a pile of documents where every piece of information about the projects is kept. Be updated about each project and track their status with ease at a single platform.

How can Stackby’s Construction Project Management Template help you?

With this template from Stackby, you can track and manage every task, phase, and resources from a single location. Be up to date with the projects’ progress and budget, along with the resources and the people in charge of each project.

You can add information such as task name, category, status, assigned to, start and end date, completion percentage, the budget required, phases, and assets. The template also offers the provision to add extra columns as and when required.

It is remarkably simple to use and customize. Just work with your team and manage your short or long-term construction projects with ease, and build the best that's out there with the help of our Construction Project Management Template. 

Employee Timesheet Templates

Employee Timesheet

Keeping and managing a manual timesheet is a very tedious task. This is where the Employee Timesheet template comes into play. This template can be used to automatically record the amount of time a particular employee or worker has spent working on a particular day.

What is an Employee Timesheet Template?

An Employee Timesheet Template is an easy way to record the amount of time a particular employee has worked on a particular day. Businesses and companies use Employee Timesheet Templates to keep track of how long a particular spent on a specific project, role, or task. Businesses and companies also use free employee timesheets to make sure employees meet deadlines and complete tasks on time.

Why do you need an Employee Timesheet Template?

The employers can use an Employee Timesheet Template to calculate the amount of remuneration to be paid to the employees based on the number of hours and days worked. This template also provides insights into the length of time required to complete each task as well.

With this information, managers can then allocate resources accordingly to ensure all the tasks are completed on time, without delays. Employee timesheets are also useful to know when there is a duplication of work and identify where time is wasted with unnecessary tasks. The Employee Timesheet template helps businesses and companies to manage their resources and workforce more efficiently.

Who is this template for?

Since this template has many uses, it is being used in various forms of businesses and companies for resources and workforce management according to their specific needs and preference. Any company that has a significant workforce can use this template.

How will Stackby’s Employee Timesheet Template help you?

  • Our Employee Timesheet is one of the easiest templates you will find to use and manage.
  • On our template, you will find the employee name in the first column; the second column would have the exact time the employee started working, with the exact time and date.
  • In the next column, you would find the time the employee stopped working, again in the same format, with the time and date. 
  • Our template would automatically calculate the number of hours worked and automatically calculate the total amount of salary they have earned for that day using the rate per hour column and provide you with the exact amount.
  • Since the entire process is completely automated, it saves a lot of time for the business or the company.
  • You also get the option to filter and keep only specific columns as per your need or requirement.
  • Our template also has the second window where you can get additional details about your employees, their names, their photo for identification, email address and phone number in case you would need to contact them, their particular rate per hour, amount they have earned, etc.

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Real Estate CRM Templates

Real Estate CRM

While managing real estate, agents may encounter tons of unexpected problems if the data collected upon the brokering real estate is not well organized. This problem can be solved easily with Stackby’s Real Estate CRM Template.

How will Stackby’s Real Estate Management Template help your business?

  • This Stackby template allows the manager to record all the necessary details such as the property's value, depreciation, date of establishment, land used, etc. They can provide the customers with the same knowledge during the buying/selling of the estate.
  • The template projects the estate status, its current owner, and the indoor and outdoor provisions, allowing the estate manager and the customers to preview the property thoroughly. 
  • The property's price and the discounts are displayed through this template that helps the manager avoid any monetary confusion. 
  • The visible list of engagement with the advertisements and the interested customers are easier to review with the list of details of the buyer(s) or any other persons interacting with the manager. 
  • The property estimation feature avoids the trouble of calculating the property value every time an interested person calls in. 
  • Moreover, the property details can be changed according to the fluctuations in the real estate features. 

The Real Estate CRM Template is the quick solution to meet the manager and the client's needs and create a trust bond. It is especially effective because this template simplifies the manager's work while also improving efficiency. 

Who will be finding this template useful?

Real Estate Management Companies and private real estate brokers will be finding this of great assistance.

Contractor Time Tracker Templates

Contractor Time Tracker

A contractor needs to track the employees' work to guarantee that the employees are putting in their maximum effort in the ongoing project. The Stackby Contractor Time Tracker Template is the right tool for this purpose as it allows you to record the essential details of the working team.

How is Stackby’s Contractor Time Tracker Template useful?

  • This template comes with a built-in time tracker that saves the contractor time and effort in constantly updating the employee's schedules. 
  • The template also allows the contractor to take detailed notes regarding the job being performed and its nature.
  • The time tracker template helps the contractor meet deadlines by helping him track the status of the task at hand and its dates of commencement and submission.
  • It helps the contractor avoid confusion regarding the hourly/ weekly/ monthly wage of the employees.
  • This Stackby template provides the provision to record employee contacts and communication details that improve communication between them and the employer. 
  • The list of clients, their requested jobs, and the employees working on the task can also be maintained with the help of this template. This improves the work quality since a certain group of workers only needs to focus on one task. 

The contractor time tracker template can be updated as and when required, simplifying the contractor's work. 

Who will find this template useful?

This is mostly beneficial for firms that accept commission on contract work for a certain period. This template can also prove useful for companies that work on big contract projects usually related to building and installing.

Real Estate Transaction Tracker Templates

Real Estate Transaction Tracker

Real estate agents use the real estate transaction tracker spreadsheet template to manage and keep track of their entire real estate business. The template enables them to keep their client database up to date and manage their entire inventory pipeline systems, including their buyers, sellers and houses listed.

What is a Real Estate Transaction Tracker?

Real estate agents use a Real Estate Transaction Tracker spreadsheet to manage their entire inventory system and keep track of their listings and availability in the markets. The real estate transaction tracker is a free template that can be used as a management system for real estate businesses. It allows companies to view the details of their business easily from one location.

Almost all real estate agents use the real estate transaction tracker. It keeps their entire business organized and automates processes that don't require the human element to save time. This allows them to invest that time saved in their business, thereby, helping them make more money.

Why do you need a Real Estate Transaction Tracker Spreadsheet?

To keep all real estate transactions in the account, real estate managers often employ these spreadsheets as they are easy to use, provide an incredibly detailed overview about their business and also provide the latest and updated information about their inventory and the market.

This helps them have a competitive advantage over others and are thus able to run their business and make profits successfully. This tracker avoids unnecessary paperwork and helps real estate agents save a lot of time and hassle.

In the real estate business, it is essential to have the most up to date information about the market and their inventory; having this online tracker would enable these real estate agents to be prepared and on top of their game when running their business successfully.

Who is this template for?

All real estate agencies should start adopting the Real Estate Transaction Tracker Spreadsheet. This is one of the most important tools they should possess to track their inventory and business.

How will Stackby’s Real Estate Transactions Tracker help you?

  • Our real estate transaction tracker has everything a real estate agent would need to manage their resources, inventory, and business efficiently.
  • To start, we have different tabs that provide you the option to view your company's overview from different perspectives, such as properties, states, stakeholders, and transactions, providing you complete freedom on the template and how you'd like to view the information.
  • All these different windows have different columns that provide very in-depth information about each listing, each property. Information such as the properties photos, the buyer information, property value, selling price, broker information, broker's cost, etc.
  • All of this information and complete freedom to edit the columns based on your preferences and use.
  • The template also offers the ability to filter through all this information to find the information you specifically require, allowing you to make more, better, well-informed decisions.  

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