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Legal Case Management Templates

Legal Case Management

Are you running a legal aid clinic or a corporate law firm? Are you practicing criminal law or managing civil legal issues? Then Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template will be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal. 

Regardless of the nature of law, you are currently practicing, the key to success is proper organization and management. Law firms manage multiple cases and clients at the same time. They are responsible for sensitive legal data, evidence, and affidavits that have to be recorded and managed carefully.

Are you looking for a tool that will help you stay one step ahead of everything and everyone? Well, your search is over! With Stackby’s Legal Case Management Template, you can manage legal cases and clients all in one place. 

Analyzing and managing cases and clients can be a cumbersome process. To make your job easier and enhance your law firm’s productivity, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Legal Case Management Template. 

With this case management template, you will be able to:

  • Track all of the firm’s ongoing and upcoming cases from a single interface.
  • Assign a case ID to each case and monitor the corresponding start date of the case.
  • Monitor the current status of the particular case (Disputed/ Undisputed). You can also record the category/ type each case belongs to (Civil/ Property/ Criminal/ Estate Administration).
  •  Assign a lead to each case and record the name of your team members.
  • You can also add a description to each case to help your team members.
  • Record the name of the client associated with each case.
  • Attach all relevant case documents to the template for the reference of your team members.
  • Record the name of all your client contacts. This contact can be a judge, the defense counsel, or a potential witness.
  • Track all the current accounts of your law firm. You can also record the total rate and the total amount billed to a particular account.
  • Record the name and relevant details of each member of the team. You can record their current role (Lawyer/ Legal Secretary/ Paralegal/ Bookkeeper/ Record Clerk) and attach their current photo.
  • Store their contact details to avoid any communication gap.
  • Track the number of cases assigned to each employee to ensure that the responsibility is divided equally.
  • Keep track of the total number of hours devoted by a team member. You can also record their billing rate and total earnings to date.
  • Monitor and update the details as and when required.

Manage your accounts and enhance your firm’s revenue and productivity with our Legal Case Management Template! Copy the stack today and organize all your legal cases easily. Delivery quality legal services with the Legal Case Management template.

Order Tracking and Invoicing Templates

Order Tracking and Invoicing

Whether you run a small local business, a start-up venture, or a multinational company, managing client orders and generating invoices for the work done is a part of your daily routine. If that’s the case, then our Order Tracking and Invoicing template is exactly what you need.

Clients place orders with your company daily. It is your job to identify the tasks that need to be completed for each project and assign the same to your team members. Tracking each client order from start to finish in real-time is essential to ensure that the work is done on time.

In the midst of all this, multiple invoices are generated which need to be carefully recorded and preserved. You need to monitor the due date for each invoice to ensure that you receive all the money and on time from the clients. 

With multiple clients and too many project orders, it’s easy to lose track of the process. Maintaining multiple databases for this purpose can also be quite cumbersome for most companies. So, what should you do?

We here, at Stackby, are committed to our goal of making your job easier. That’s why we have developed the Order Tracking and Invoicing Template for you. With this customizable and user-friendly template, you will be able to manage everything from a single interface. 

How will Stackby’s Order Tracking and Invoicing Template help you monitor and manage client projects, tasks, and invoices?

Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Keep detailed records of all your current clients and the projects assigned by each client to your company.
  • Store the billing address and billing contact for each client along with the total amount billed. You can also record and update the payment specifics and payment terms as and when required.
  • Add contact details of all your clients to avoid any communication gap.
  • Record the orders placed by each client. The template comes with a standardized built-in project order form which can be used by clients to assign new projects to your company.
  • Track the ongoing projects that you and your team are responsible for and the corresponding project category (Branding/ Social Media Marketing/ Website Designing/ Online Marketing/ etc.).
  • Monitor the overall status of each project. You can also track the total hours worked and the project rate per hour. This will allow you to calculate the total amount for each project, the corresponding tax rate, and the tax amount.
  • Track the payment due date for a project and check if the client has made payment.
  • Keep track of the invoices generated under each project, its amount, due date, and payment terms and conditions.
  • Record the tasks due under each project and the team member in charge of each task.
  • Monitor, record and update the details as and when required.

Simplify and streamline your project orders and invoices with this easy-to-use Order Tracking & Invoicing Template. 

Expense Tracking Templates

Expense Tracking

Whether you live by yourself or run a business, managing all expenses and spending the right amount of money on the right things can be a bit hectic. It would help if you kept a rein on your expenses using an expense tracker template. That’s where our Expense Tracking Template comes in.

As a business owner, you must have all the information handy about what and how much expenses your business is incurring and what needs to be changed. Managing expenses can be a difficult task, be it business-related or your personal expenditure. 

Use this Expense Tracker Template and keep a check of all your business expenses and customize them according to your needs. From planning spends to managing invoice payments, track all pertinent details from one location. 

How can Expense Tracking benefit your business?

Tracking the Expenses can help in business in the following ways:

  1. Better Money Management: If you are a student or someone who spends a lot of money and fails to achieve their savings goal or splurge in general – this can be a good thing for you. Getting better at money management means getting financially stronger! From another perspective, if you are a business owner, it is crucial that you have full knowledge about your expenses for the whole year and not just at the end of the financial year or during the tax month.
  2. Always be prepared during the Tax season: Having a thorough knowledge of the expenses will help you know in advance which expenses are tax-deductible. You can calculate that amount on a prior basis.
  3. Makes business forecasting easier: When you are keeping track of your expenses, you will find it easier to forecast how much profit the business will earn or at least have an idea. You can plan the activities for the next financial year and expenses accordingly. It will also come in handy when you have your investor meetings and will help you plan effective business strategies.

Why would you need an Expense Tracker Template?

  • To keep track of all the expenses done by you individually; or incurred in your business. 
  • To plan the inflows and outflows of the money.
  • To save your time and improve your productivity.

How would Stackby’s Expense Tracker Template help you?

Stackby’s Expense Tracker Template is quite simple to use. You do not need to be a professional or have any coding or accounting experience. All you must do is put all the expenses on a column and other information on different columns. There are different columns from all kinds of information such as category, price, date, name of the vendor, etc.

The template can be used by businesses also in any industry and can be completely customized according to your needs. 

Balance Sheet Templates

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is one of the most important financial statements of any business or organization. Regardless of the nature and scope of the company, the balance sheet is essential and needs to be prepared with extreme care and attention to detail. Stackby makes the process more streamlined for you with our Balance Sheet Template. 

The purpose of a balance sheet is to provide a detailed overview of the financial position of a company on a particular date. It is a statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of an organization. In other words, it shows what a company owns and owes. 

It has assets on one side and liabilities and capital on the other side. A balance sheet is a testament to the financial health and performance of a company on any given date. 

Why do you need a Balance Sheet Template?

A balance sheet allows investors to assess and analyze the current status of the company and take investment decisions accordingly. It also enables banks to decide if your company qualifies for additional loans and credit. A comparison of the balance sheet over the years will help you assess the growth of your company over a period of time. 

It gives you an understanding of the liquidity position of your company and allows you to plan future projects and expenses. 

Who will find this template useful?

This template will be useful for anyone in the finance department, finance firms, business owners or SMEs. 

How can Stackby’s Balance Sheet Template help you?

Are you looking for a template to create and organize your balance sheet? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! We here, at Stackby, have created a Balance Sheet Template to help you build your company’s financial statement.

You can now record all the details of assets and liabilities in one place using this Balance Sheet Template. Keep regular tabs on the financial details of your company with this easy-to-use template.

Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Record the assets and liabilities of your company separately.
  • Under assets, you can store details of the type of assets currently in possession of your company. This includes current assets (inventory, cash, prepaid expenses), long-term assets (intangible assets), and other assets (e.g., deferred income tax). 
  • Track the value of the assets recorded in the balance sheet.
  • Add the period (month) and the year for which the asset details are being recorded. 
  • Under liabilities, you can store details of the type of liabilities of your company. This includes current liabilities and long-term liabilities. 
  • Track the value of the liabilities recorded in the balance sheet.
  • Add the period (month) and the year for which the liabilities are being recorded.
  • Maintain and update the details as and when required. 

Apart from this, the Balance Sheet Template also offers an in-built Asset Information Form and Liability Information Form to its users. You can use this standard form to collect all the information you need for your balance sheet!

With Stackby’s Balance Sheet Template, maintaining your company’s balance sheet will be a walk in the park! Get access to the template and start using it today!

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Investment Tracker Templates

Investment Tracker

An Investment Tracker is used to track either the investments made by your company or just your investments accurately. An Investment Tracker spreadsheet shows you all of your purchases, your return on investments, and dividends earned on your investments. Investment tracker templates also make it easy for you to manage your investments in real-time as well! Therefore, Stackby’s Investment Tracker Template is the perfect tool to add to your financial planning infrastructure.

What is an Investment Tracker Template?

An Investment Tracker spreadsheet is probably the easiest way to keep track of your investments and also to assist you in planning and dividing your savings and use it efficiently in your investments. You can also track the performance of all investments in one place.

Using an Investment tracker template, you can allocate your resources in the best possible manner; since all your investments are in a single place, you know which of your investments are performing well. Hence it would be easier for you to allocate your resources to more successful investments.

Why do you need an Investment Tracker Template?

Investment Tracker is useful for you to make informed financial decisions. Since you know all your investments and how well each one of your investments is doing, you could start your new investments or re-allocate your earnings to the investments that are doing well.

You also don't need a lot of technical knowledge to perform calculations; the investment tracker performs all the calculations automatically for you. By using the investment tracker, you can keep track of international investments as well.

Also, since all the calculations are done automatically, the scope of errors and inaccuracy is close to none. Another benefit of using an investment tracker is that all the information is very organized, making going through information an easy process. This information can also be easily sent to others online.

Who is this template for? 

This template is useful for anyone who has many investments and needs a tool to manage all of them with relative ease.

How will Stackby’s Investment Tracker Template help you?

Our Investment Template is easy to use, simple and minimalistic. As soon as you open our template, you will see a detailed overview of all your investments and holdings of all the various companies you have invested in so far.

The portfolio view window elaborately shows all the details, making sure you have all the required information. Starting with the company name, IPO, and the category of investment they are. This is a quick view of all the investments you have made so far.

The rest of the template is for more in-depth information. For Example – Are you earning profit or going in loss? Net profit or loss from each investment? Share in each company's portfolio, Price per share, total value, and the total amount invested.

All this information helps you be up to date with all your investments in an easy-to-view and accessible manner. All our templates have the mathematical formulas incorporated in them. You just need to input the values, and you'll have all the information compiled in an organized manner.  

The portfolio window also presents you the same amount of information, but each investment is listed separately, and information is viewed according to which investment you wish to view.

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Monthly Budget Templates

Monthly Budget

Every one of us would have once been in a situation or are facing this situation where we spend more or the same as we are earning. Our expenses exceed our earnings and the budget gets hindered drastically. If that’s the case, then our Monthly Budget Template can help you out. 

A household monthly budget is a list of items that includes the expenses that are expected to incur and the potential income to know how you are going to spend your money. Keeping to that list and optimizing it helps an individual to save his money.

But keeping up with the monthly budget list and keeping track of it can be a difficult task, especially if you are a voracious shopper. You can make use of a Monthly Budget Template by Stackby, which will help you organize and keep track of your budget list in a single platform with ease.

Why do we need a Monthly Budget Template?

Tracking and managing all your monthly expenses and maintaining that budget is a bit of a hassle. These are the basic steps you need to be clear about before making a budget:

  • Choose your categories
  • Keep track of your spending.
  • Set your intentions

Apart from these, it would help if you also were clear about the following criteria:

  • Your income: after all the income is taken into account, and the taxes and payments are deducted, what is the actual income left with you to spend?
  • Your expenses: fixed expenses such as bills, payments, food, rent, etc., and variable expenses such as vacation, holiday gifts, family functions, etc., are to be taken care of while deciding on a budget.
  • Savings and Debt reduction goal: savings are an important tool for long-term investments and debt payments. Saving your income and keeping it separate from the budget is also very crucial.

But keeping track of your budget and keeping up with it without over expending can be a bit too difficult. With a monthly budget template, you can do that all in one single platform. Keep track of the expenses on which product or bill and the income with easy access with this monthly budget template. 

Who will find this template useful?

This template is useful for business owners, marketing teams, finance teams, or any person looking to set any kind of monthly budget. 

How will Stackby’s Monthly Budget Template help you?

Using this Monthly Budget Template, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of your budget for each month on the same platform.
  • Record the total expenses and total income for each month.
  • Record the details of individual expenses.
  • Add attachments and descriptions for expenses, if any.
  • Record the total savings for each month.
  • Track the payment method for each expense (Credit Card, Internet Banking, etc.).
  • Record the exact date on which the expense was incurred in the monthly budget spreadsheet. 
  • Assign a category to each expense (Household/ Salary/ Entertainment/ etc.).

Monitor your budget and update the details in real-time with Stackby’s Monthly Budget Template!

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Legal Case Tracking and Billing Templates

Legal Case Tracking and Billing

Are you still using spreadsheets, post-it notes, or logbooks to keep a record of your cases? As technology is improvising at a fast rate, so should our attorneys. Stackby is here with a template to help all lawyers, legal firms, and their clients in keeping a track of their cases, billing information, documents, and much more. 

Why must lawyers track their cases with legal case tracking and billing software? 

  1. Manage multiple cases simultaneously: No matter which law specialization you hold, the key to the success of your professional career is organization and management. You might be holding multiple cases at times, each of which has its specifications, requirements, and legal documentation. To avoid getting confused between different clients and cases, you must use our legal case tracking and billing template. 
  2. A paperless, codeless tracking system: With this template, you can stay on top of all your cases and earnings. And, the best part is that you do not need to write even a single line of code. We are giving you a pre-built, easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like database that you can modify, automate and use as per your convenience and requirements. 
  3. Complete control of your data: With Stackby, your data stays safe and secure. You can share your legal case and billing tracker with your team or clients as and when convenient. You can password-protect important Views, restrict sharing of views by email domain, remove redundancy and do much more to manage and secure your data. 
  4. Better informed clients: Stackby legal case tracking and billing template lets you share all the required invoices and billing information with your clients safely. Clients can view the information related to their cases any time at their convenience. 

Who can use Stackby’s legal case tracking and billing template?

Our legal case tracking and billing template are created especially for law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, and advocates. They can share this tracker with their team(s), the client(s), or any authorized third parties. 

How will Stackby’s legal case tracking and billing template help you?

This template includes four different tables that will help you manage and monitor your cases, teams, contacts, and billings, all in one place! Here’s what you can do by using this template:

  • Track all your cases and assign them a unique case ID for easy reference 
  • Check the status of each case (Processing, Disputed, Undisputed, Closed, etc)
  • Track the type of cases you are handling (Personal, Civil, Personal Injury, etc)
  • Attach case briefs with every case 
  • Track the date when the case started and closed
  • Manage contacts related to each case 
  • Monitor which team is working on which case and how many cases
  • Record the billing amount for every team as per a billing rate 
  • Monitor the number of hours your staff has worked on each case 
  • Monitor how many cases are closed and by which team
  • Keep a record of all your contacts and the cases they are related to (Judge, Supporter, Opposing Member, etc)

Legal case tracking and billing tool by Stackby enables you to automate and manage all the correspondence relating to a case throughout its life cycle, including notes, case briefs, starting date, status, documentations, billings, and much more. This tool not only drives you and your law firm to maximum productivity but also makes legal case management & billings much easier.

Legal Matter Management Templates

Legal Matter Management

Stackby’s legal matter management template is designed to track and monitor legal matter portfolios. It provides real-time data and views so you can monitor and track all your legal matters throughout their lifecycle. With this template, all your legal team members will have immediate access to all the legal matters and their corresponding clients. 

What is Legal Matter Management? 

They say that the law is a team sport. Every legal matter requires different stakeholders within the legal department as well as external to the organization. This is why legal matters need to be managed with attention and diligence. Legal matter management or matter management involves the various activities that surround a corporate legal practice. For example, litigation, contracts, transactions, claims, legal research, etc. It is unlike case management, which refers to the activities specific to a law firm. 

Different aspects of legal matter management include:

  1. Documents: Every legal matter involves a certain set of documents like contracts, licenses, emails, letters, etc. 
  2. Knowledge: The legal teams must have the knowledge of every case at their fingertips and this can only be possible with quick access to the legal matters.
  3. Collaboration: The legal teams must work in collaboration on different legal matters. 
  4. Workflow: Most legal matters involve a series of steps and stages depending on the circumstances of the matter. 
  5. Spendings: A legal matter might involve a budget when a third-party council is allowed. 
  6. Reporting: It is not only important to have quick access to all the legal matter information, but that information must be easily reportable. 

Why should you use Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template? 

Legal teams across the globe are looking for a centralized, automated, and streamlined approach to manage their data. Our legal matter management template eliminates many barriers for legal teams through the following ways: 

  • Providing an efficient system for managing the outside counsel
  • Improving the user productivity by easy integration with other applications 
  • Reducing the time spent in storing and organizing legal documents 
  • Automated notifications for any changes made in the system
  • Enhancing collaboration in real-time across the team
  • Providing safe and secure means of document handling

Who can use Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template?

This template is for legal teams, legal service providers, law firms, legal case managers, legal operations managers, administrative staff, etc. 

How will Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template Help you? 

This template includes different tables to store and organize your data for clients, documentation, and billings. We have also included specific views that will help you visualize your legal matter data in a better way. Here’s what you can do by using this template:

  • Keep a track of all the legal matters being handled by you/ your team
  • Add descriptions for every legal matter you are handling 
  • Specify the type of legal matter being handled (Civil, Property, Estate Administration, Criminal, etc)
  • Track the open and close dates of the legal matters
  • Tack the total number of hours on each legal matter 
  • Keep a record of the clients associated with each legal matter (Name, Address, Photo, Email, Phone Number, Billings, Paid Bills, Unpaid Bills, etc)
  • Manage different types of documents (Legal documents, Letters, Billings, Drafts, etc)
  • Track the creating and receiving dates of the documents 
  • Keep a track of invoices of every client 
  • Track the status of invoices (Paid, Not Paid)
  • Add clients details using an intake form 
  • Keep a track of all the details related to every client (Personal Details, Matter Reason, Work Details, Spouse Details, etc)

Streamline different components of your legal matter management with Stackby’s easy-to-use, pre-built template.

Legal Client Intake Form Templates

Legal Client Intake Form

Have you ever thought about how important your client intake form is? Most lawyers or people who provide legal services give a form to every client, preferably known as the legal client intake form. This form asks for complete information from the client regarding themselves, their family, and the legal matter for which they want to seek advice. 

Why does your client intake form matter?

  1. Form a great first impression: The client intake form is the first thing that a new or potential client looks for in your firm. It can set the right tone for a trustworthy relationship. 
  2. Showcase professionalism: A strong intake form says that you are a competent, professional lawyer on whom a client can rely. 
  3. Collect the right information: You can use the client intake form to collect the right information about your clients. Your legal intake form is critical to ensuring you have the information you need. 

Who can use Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template?

Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template is built for law firms, attorneys, legal advisors, lawyers, advocates, legal case managers, legal operations managers, administrative staff, etc. 

What is included in Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template?

  1. Basic contact information: A strong client intake form should collect all the important information about a client that you need to address their legal matters. Neglecting this information may cause you to lose your lead. So make sure you are storing their full name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, and photo. 
  2. Case information: The next important thing you need in a client intake form is their case information. For instance, the nature of their case, details of their case, and important date, time, and events. This information is necessary for you to proceed with their case. 
  3. The annual income of clients: It is important for you to know about the annual income of your potential clients. Your prospect should not only be to hire qualified clients but also the clients who can pay you. The target income that you set might vary from your competitors but the knowledge of your annual income is essential to find the right clients. 

How will Stackby’s Legal Client Intake Form Template help you? 

Stackby’s pre-built legal client intake form template helps you to store and manage important client information for future use in just a few clicks. You can share our pre-built client intake form with your clients by customizing it as per your requirements. With this client intake form template, you can do the following:

  • Keep a track of all your new and old clients 
  • Track the status of the cases/clients (In Process, Pending, At Next Stage, etc)
  • Tracking the intake date of every client
  • Recording important information about every client (Gender, Date of Birth, Birth Place, State Born in, etc)
  • Storing the personal details of every client (Current Address, Current City, Current State, Country, Zip Code, Driver’s License, etc)
  • Storing the contact information of clients (Email address, Phone number, Home Phone number, Emergency Contact number, etc)
  • Storing the professional details of clients (Designation, Work Contact number, Annual Salary, Office Address, Work Country, etc)
  • Storing the spouse details of clients (Spouse Name, Spouse Date of Birth, Spouse Contact number, Spouse Work Position, Spouse Address, Spouse City, Spouse State, Spouse Country, etc)
  • Taking note of the purpose of the visit of the clients

Use our legal client intake form template and put your best foot forward with new clients.


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